Austria, the Heart of Europe

This is the Winter Palace of Prince Eugene in Vienna. It is a beautiful building but the history has not always been beautiful. However, God is changing all that and we were blessed to be a small part of what He is doing in this wonderful nation.

A few days before we left home I, Henry,  was asking the Lord why He gave us this trip to Austria & Croatia as it was our second choice, Germany was our first pick for this mission trip. God gave me an image, more like an impression, of the country of Austria like a sponge in His hands. He squeezed out the last of Austria’s tears and then put the country into the stream of His Living Water.

God told me that Germany was not the heart of Europe, that Austria was the heart of Europe and that is why He wanted us here, as a team, to help bring revival to all of Europe. I was blessed to release this word to both churches in Vienna and the church in Salzburg. I found out while I was in Austria that Cindy Jacobs had declared that Austria is the heart of Europe several years ago.

We found this interesting video below that gives a 7 minute overview of the history of Austria beginning in 1282AD.