Zagreb (click to view page)

The top photo is Saint Marks church in the Old City of Zagreb. This is an important square for Croatia. National and local government buildings surround the church. We spent Palm Sunday morning here and at the overview of the city (below) praying and declaring God’s destiny for Croatia. We sensed that family and Godly relationships are a big part of their destiny.

Below is a view of the city from the hilltop area near the incline tramway.


We did ministry on the streets of Zagreb on two days. These are two university students (left and right of Leslie) who are in law school here. Law school is hard work especially for women so our prayers and prophetic words for them were a great encouragement to them.

This is the public meeting in a local event center that the two churches we worked with rented because their buildings were too small for this large crowd. Their worship time was amazing and powerful. We loved being there with them and even trying to sing some in their language.

Leslie bringing a wonderful message of God’s joy and delight about each person to encourage the people in Zagreb on Saturday night. Life is not easy there for the people but God’s love and power are transforming them… as He has done with us.

We found this man, a retired Captain of the Croatian Navy singing songs in English in a city park some which were Gospel songs. Amazing! He invited us to join him so we did. We  were able to pray for him with Yvonne Boitano from our team.