Zagreb (click to view page)

The top photo is Saint Marks church in the Old City of Zagreb. This is an important square for Croatia. National and local government buildings surround the church. We spent Palm Sunday morning here and at the overview of the city (below) praying and declaring God’s destiny for Croatia. We sensed that family and Godly relationships are a big part of their destiny.

Below is a view of the city from the hilltop area near the incline tramway.


We did ministry on the streets of Zagreb on two days. These are two university students (left and right of Leslie) who are in law school here. Law school is hard work especially for women so our prayers and prophetic words for them were a great encouragement to them.

This is the public meeting in a local event center that the two churches we worked with rented because their buildings were too small for this large crowd. Their worship time was amazing and powerful. We loved being there with them and even trying to sing some in their language.

Leslie bringing a wonderful message of God’s joy and delight about each person to encourage the people in Zagreb on Saturday night. Life is not easy there for the people but God’s love and power are transforming them… as He has done with us.

We found this man, a retired Captain of the Croatian Navy singing songs in English in a city park some which were Gospel songs. Amazing! He invited us to join him so we did. We  were able to pray for him with Yvonne Boitano from our team.



Salzburg (click to view page)

In Salzburg we stayed at the H.O.M.E. Mission Base which is a Charismatic Catholic youth mission group doing amazing ministry around Austria and other parts of Europe. We were soooo blessed to join with our Catholic brothers and sisters to worship Jesus and spend time together. Even more amazing is that this year is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and we were coming back together for the Lord’s work.

The 24/7 IHOP style prayer room at the Mission Base.

We did outreaches on the streets of Salzburg with members of Life Church Salzburg. Im Zentrum translates to: In The Center. Their church is on the banks of the Salzach River in the Old Town of Salzburg.

During the outreaches, one man from our team led four school-age girls to receive Jesus into their hearts. Pastor Helmut, Amira and I, Leslie, ministered God’s love and comfort to a German woman who was on a day trip to Salzburg.

Here we are visiting with Pastor Helmut Gehmacher at Life Church after a time of ministry on the streets of Salzburg.

As we were doing a prayer walk above the city of Salzburg we found this tall, round cone-shaped building next to the museum on the hill. It made a great place to sing worship over the city. One day, before our trip, during worship at BSSM, God gave me, Leslie, the phrase, “not sounds of music, but sounds of heaven” out of Austria. How cool that we actually got to release songs of heaven this day in the cone.


Vienna (click to view page)

In Vienna we started out with a day of street ministry with a team from Four Corners Church. The top photo is our combined teams doing a #FlashMob in the heart of the business area. Yes, Leslie and I both joined in as best we could with the dance moves.

At the end of each performance the Gospel would be presented and then our teams would visit with people to pray with them. A woman with a walker was sitting listening and watching. When I went to talk to her she said her back was hurting at a level 10 pain. We released God’s love to her and she started to cry and was very touched. When we prayed for her back pain it went down and she was very grateful for the love and the prayer.

Sunday morning we were part of the church service with Wunderwerk Church that shares the same building at Four Corners Church.

Sunday evening we took part in the service in the same building for Four Corners Church. Here you see Pastor Chris Poeschl on the platform and the children ready to minister to the adults with words of knowledge. We then joined with the children to pray for those who came forward. There were physical healings and lots of impartations of love, joy and encouragement.